Keep your team and their safety certifications up-to-date so they can stay on the job.

For employers, it can be difficult to track your team's various certifications. With Accoric Management, you can smoothly navigate and stay up-to-date on your team's certifications.



Accoric is a web application company that wants to see you succeed.

  1. We set up your account by digitizing your paper documents.

  2. We personally reach out to your employees to acquire their most current certifications.

  3. We become your back office by updating your account with any changes in staff or certifications, even after your account is digitized and returned to you.

  4. We notify you of any employees' certifications that are soon to expire.

  5. Then, get necessary training from our training partner provider at 15% off all training.

  6. After training with our partner, your Accoric Management account is automatically updated with new certifications.


Accoric Management makes it easy to track employees' certification at the click of a button. No unnecessary, overcomplicated features. Only what you need.

Once signed up and logged into Accoric Management, you will be met with a lean dashboard. On your Employee Table, you can add a certification, or update an employee's personal info at a click of a button.

See how easy it is to use Accoric Management:


Add an employee's personal info, like name, phone number, email, address, job title, and even a profile picture for easy identification – perfect for employers with dozens of employees. Add their emergency contact info, or mark them as active or inactive.


Quickly find a team member by searching by first name, last name, or by a certain certification.


Digitizing certifications allows you to stay on top of which employee's certifications are soon to expire. Download and send individual certifications to stakeholders, or your convert employees into Excel spreadsheets.

Download all types of spreadsheets, whether it's an employee contact list or a spreadsheet showing team members with OSHA 30 training.


It's simple and fast to pinpoint which team members have certifications that are expiring. With this easy, yet convenient tool, you can get your employees the training they require in a timely manner. Easily update an employee with their new certifications. Adjust the time frame in which you would like to see team members' expiring documents.

With Accoric Management, you are eligible to opt-in to our free texting service. Your team members can receive automated texts on a quarterly basis, reminding them to send any new certifications they acquired in that quarter, via a text reply to the automatic text they received in the field.


A comprehensive note section allows you to track more detailed information for each employee. You may bold, italicize, underline, highlight, bullet, number, and change text color and font to personalize your notes. You can even print your notes directly from Accoric Management.


Sync each employee's profile and certifications to an employee badge. With QR code technology, an employee can scan their card and bring up their certifications on their mobile device anywhere.


We do the heavy lifting; with Accoric Management, you give us all the paper documents you've been holding onto. We upload your employees and their certifications. Then, we hand you back your account with all your paper documents digitized and ready for you to manage.

During the initial uploading phase, we reach out to your field employees to acquire their most up-to-date certifications, so your finished product is current. You can opt-into our automatic emailing service, so you know which employees' certifications are soon to expire.


Fast Line Safety Training is an official NYC DOB Course Provider and is accredited by the prestigious International Accreditors for Continuing Education and Training (IACET).

Staying on top of your employees certifications is imperative to be compliant. But finding a training provider to train those employees with expiring certifications can become time-consuming. Partnering with Fast Line ensures that you can get the training you need, wherever, whenever, to keep your employees compliant. After training, your account is automatically updated with your employees' new certifications.

Plus, signing up for Accoric Management entitles you to 15% off all training with Fast Line Safety Training.